Splendid Group Lake Dew builders review

I am not personally involved with any of splendid projects but have lot of people I know who have business relations with them, and so I often get splendid lake dew Bangalore review from splendid group folks and find them very courteous and reasonable. I frequently go to my friends and relatives houses who live in the projects developed by splendid group and see that they have a very good planning and facilities. Parks, jogging tracks, parking, maintenance and security other in house amenities 7 their speedy response to issues; I feel like I should buy a home from Splendid.


I booked a flat at Splendid Skyline after reading splendid group Bangalore review online. We were impressed by the quality of work and probably justify the premium they charge from others in the vicinity. After staying here for 1 year, I hold Splendid in high esteem as to its quality of deliverables & the professionalism it demonstrates. Splendid have the best clubhouse I have come across in a long time. Facilities like TT, Billiards etc. Also, the swimming pool is best in the class.


I just booked an apartment at Splendid Royale (HSR Layout). Before buying I spent quite some time going through the splendid group builders’ review. This resulted in me having a low expectation from them. But till now (a week’s experience with them) has been good. Reasons Why I booked their apartment are pricing – which quite attractive, Quality – tiles to bathroom doors, paint and other material  I found Splendid has better quality and Construction Status- I could see clearly what I will get for the money I am paying.

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