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I’m living in Bangalore and I was looking for an apartment so I usually visit builders projects sites. While I was surfing on the internet I found that splendid group review was good, in fact, amazing, when I started visiting splendid projects I saw one of the Bangalore’s best apartments to live in, which were built with the finest material, It felt like I was in heaven. The apartments were built in such a systematic and well-planned manner, the flooring and the plumbing equipment were A-grade and have Proper ventilation, sunbeams and cross air.


The splendid group is one of the best builders in Bangalore, if you don’t believe me then you can visit their site. After reading the splendid group Bangalore review I suggested my sister go for their project.  I don’t think I need to say more, the name itself-represent them “splendid”, my sister stays in one of their projects which she brought last year, I love visiting her apartment, I do frequently. They always kept clean and maintained well and they also provide all the amenities. The price is also affordable with premium quality.


I stay in a splendid skyline which is one of the best apartments of splendid, so I decided to share my splendid group builders review they provide good service and customer satisfaction more than excepted. They provide amenities such as Club House, Swimming Pool, Green Open area, Children Park, gym etc. I usually spent 8-10 days in Bangalore a month and because of my office work, I have to leave my wife and my 8-year-old daughter alone but splendid group have a trustful 24/7 security. I would recommend those who are looking for a flat in Bangalore.

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