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When I was planning to buy a flat in Bangalore a year ago most of my friend and family members recommended me to go for Splendid projects from their experience. During my apartment hunt, I found very good splendid group review from its customers. When I spoke with one of their agents they were so informative, they answered all my questions and very well explained about the pricing and payment, they frequently followed up with me and most importantly they were very understanding about my requirements. They only took three months for the process. It has very good pricing options, location is also good and the interior of the flat is amazing.

After 1 year of being a splendid’s proud flat owner, I am going to give splendid lake dew Bangalore review. When my people ask for my advice on buying a flat in Bangalore my answer will always be the same “Go for Splendid Group” and they deserve it because they never dissatisfy their customers. Their services not only end after payment but they make sure that their customers are happy with their services after the payment as well, with my 1 year of experience I have never faced any problems in the apartment everything was maintained very well by their staff.

When we were in Bangalore we lived in splendid group apartment for 2 years but recently I and my family moved backed to Delhi a couple of months ago. So today I am going to give splendid group Bangalore review, during our stay there we were very happy with the services provided by them as they provided all the amenities and also we were having easy access other facilities such as public transport, malls & supermarket and even our kids school were not far, me and my husband felt safe because were new to Bangalore then. I hope they undertake a project in Delhi as well.

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