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Hi, today I am going to tell you about Splendid group builders and give Splendid lake dew Bangalore review according to my experience and also clear doubts on whether to buy apartments from Splendid group or not. So before I start, I wanted to tell that this review is from me, my friends and family and also from people who shared their experience online. So this is only based on my research and according to my knowledge. In the event that you are working in the electronic city and voyaging long separations then splendid lake dew is the best match to convey work near and dear and decrease voyaging time in rush hour gridlock. It is situated near Begur Lake, this flagship residential project consists of luxurious 2 and 3 BHK Lakeview apartments alongside world-class amenities. They provide 3 different sizes i.e. 1005 square feet which is 2BHK, 1255 square feet which are 3BHK and 1624 square feet which is 3BHK. The apartment has access to most of Bangalore IT & other industries, schools & colleges, hospitals, hotels & shopping complexes within 3km from the apartment.

Now I am going to tell you about splendid lake dew Bangalore review from other customers on the internet according to my research. First thing first it was very hard to find bad Splendid lake dew Bangalore review on the internet most of them were happy with it amenities and apartment. People were happy because they got world-class amenities for the price they paid. The club, Playing area, Gymnasium were so clean and well maintained. We all know how frequently electricity goes in this city but here they provide 24/7 electricity. Structure of Splendid lake dew is so good it feels like we’re living in a fantasy. These are the few reasons why people give such good splendid lake dew Bangalore review.

At last I am going to give splendid lake dew Bangalore review according to my experience. My family consists of 5 members my parents, wife, son and me. So we purchased 3BHK apartment. My family and friends recommend me as they’re also customers of splendid group. We live here for a year here. Me and my wife’s office is located in kudlu gate so we both reach office on time unlike before because of city’s traffic. My father is very happy because he goes for morning walk and need fresh air as his doctor advised him here we are surrounded by trees and fresh air so chances of pollution. My son goes to St. Francis School with is just 2 km from our apartment. Our flat is built with top class material the flooring, kitchen, toilets are very spacious both from inside and outside. It is under 24/7 under Camera Surveillance and very good Security. In my opinion this is best flat to live around this area with such great amenities. I suggest everyone who is looking flats and apartment. So this is my splendid lake dew Bangalore review and I am happy with everything they provided.

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